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For your bathroom remodeling Mundelein area needs, KOS Home Improvement is here for you. Our bathroom remodeling contractors are well skilled and experienced in providing the bathroom that our customers need as well as wants. With our bathroom renovation, we will make sure that we’ll be with every step. From choosing the perfect tile to the vanity, we will provide you with advice that you need. We have a knack of taking something old into something new and modern. Our bathroom renovation Mundelein team will make sure that you stay within your budget, but will still provide something that is made with the highest quality of work. We are one of the bathroom remodeling companies Mundelein that cares about their customers, so we always ensure to put our customers first. A key to a successful project is communication, so rest assured that you will always be in the loop.

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At KOS Home Improvement, we strive to provide you the best yet most affordable bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation Mundelein work possible. You can trust our hardworking and professional bathroom remodeling Mundelein contractors from the local area to consider all your design ideas and execute them through expertise and years of experience in the business. We value our client’s time, so we work fast to complete the project on the agreed time. Rest assured that the finished project will have all the details you want, given how precise our remodeling specialists work. Feel free to check out our galleries to view our previous bathroom remodel Mundelein projects. Contact us today for free estimates!

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If there’s anything that can give your home a new look and feel minus the luxurious expense, it’s an affordable bathroom remodel Mundelein! Investing in this project will not only liven up your bathroom but can also possibly increase the value of your home. This investment will come in handy either when you decide to sell your home within the coming months or you plan to live there for a long time. Not all bathroom remodeling Mundelein designs are the same. Some are simple and clean while others are more sophisticated and intricate. So before you proceed, make sure you’re hiring the best bathroom remodeling contractors from your local area. 

At our company, we have a team of remodeling specialists that are ready to work on your bathroom anytime. We also provide bathroom renovation Mundelein and refinishing in case you simply want to restore the old aesthetic of your bathroom, but better. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can to ensure the timely completion of the project. By the time we’re done, you’d surely have a better and more spacious bathroom that you and your family can enjoy for the years to come. Consult with us today!


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Our team consists of hardworking and dedicated bathroom remodeling Mundelein contractors to achieve any design you please. We take pride in our excellent hiring process, which allows us to find the best candidates in the local area. Expect our team to exude a professional and approachable vibe during the entire project.

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At KOS Home Improvement, we work efficiently while covering the quality we promised. We have a keen eye on design, so rest assured we can achieve those fine details you want for your bathroom remodel Mundelein. We also perform bathroom renovation with the same level of commitment for your satisfaction.

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We apply our bathroom remodeling expertise in Mundelein while using premium materials for the successful completion of the project. We serve all residences in the local area, even commercial spaces for fresh bathroom renovation Mundelein area.

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Are you looking to change the look of your current bathroom and don’t know where to start? Our bathroom remodeling Mundelein company is here to provide the service that you need. You can trust our bathroom remodeling contractors to provide you with the bathroom renovation or bathroom refinishing you may have for your home. KOS Home Improvement is here to provide the highest quality of bathroom remodel Mundelein that you may need for your home. We have a knack for taking something old and turning it into something new. If you want a modern or a simple look, we are the ones that you can count on to get the job done right the first time around. We use the highest quality of materials to ensure that we provide you with the best result possible. All you need to do is let us know what you want, and we will make it happen for you. We are one of the bathroom remodeling companies Mundelein that pay attention to the smallest details and add personalization to the work that we do.

Give us a call today to get more information about our bathroom remodel Mundelein services. We will be here for you!

Reasons To Hire A Professional Remodeling Contractors
When Doing Your Bathroom Remodeling Mundelein

Any boring or dull bathroom can get a taste of professional remodel and reorganization to make it an equally attractive part of your home interior. Give this a read on the tips when contacting certified bathroom remodeling contractors Mundelein.

It will be done quicker
Bathroom remodeling contractors are experienced craftsmen. Hiring them for remodeling an interior as commonly used as a bathroom will be a great investment. The duration of a remodeling project is highly dependent on the size of the bathroom, the layout plan that goes into the final remodeling, and the types of material, fitting, and components used. Contact our bathroom remodeling contractors Mundelein to consult with the project details.
It will be done safely
DIY methods are good for making small changes to loose bathroom fitments. But when it comes to a complete and safe bathroom remodeling Mundelein, it is best to be done by the hands of professional bathroom remodeling contractors. They are experts for the job with years of experience working on remodelings so you can be sure that they will carry out the task following the right safety measures.
It will be done right
Our bathroom remodeling contractors have spent years learning the craft from scratch to being experts at it. All these garnered experience and knowledge over the years allow them to perform amazing results. Knowing that professionals are handling your bathroom remodeling will make you put your faith in them for an exceptional bathroom renovation Mundelein. You can be confident to receive a durable bathroom rework.

Importance of Bathroom Remodeling Mundelein

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Bathroom remodeling is the first thing that comes to mind when people consider home remodeling because bathrooms are often the center of interest for potential home buyers. Older bathrooms focus more on function, while a modern bathroom remodel Mundelein opts to blend style and function. Meanwhile, a poorly designed bathroom significantly lowers your home’s chance of selling.

Usually, the master bath is the first place that potential home buyers inspect. The modern designs for master bathrooms center on elegant showers, open spaces, luxurious tub, and sink combinations. Gone were the days when traditional door entries were patronized as today, continuous open space is the thing. You can take inspiration from our bathroom remodeling gallery to decide which one suits your requirement in terms of style and function. We at KOS Home Improvement have bathroom remodeling contractors Mundelein who will help you achieve your dream bathroom.

Testimonials of Our Professional Bathroom Remodeling Services

I'm pleased with the professionalism and result of KOS Home Improvement's work. They did a bathroom remodeling that would fit my grandmother's needs, who's in a wheelchair. I highly recommend them!

Alice Majors

The bathroom renovation was great! Although we had a problem with the schedule, they were able to make a way to finish our project before the turnover of our unit in Mundelein. Thank you, KOS Home Improvement!

Richard Price

Among all the bathroom remodeling companies Mundelein, only KOS Home Improvement gave me excellent customer service! Their work was great, and I will surely hire them again.

Harry Tompkins


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