The Main Differences Between Home Renovation & Home Remodeling Mount Prospect

Many of us use the words remodeling and renovating as if they mean the same thing, and are synonyms of each other. In fact they are 2 different words and do in fact mean different things. When communicating with professionals working in interior design or construction it is essential that you use the correct term, or you may well get something you’re not expecting!

To remodel something means you are creating something new, whereas to renovate means you are restoring something back to its original state.

Home renovations the structure and function stays the same
So a home renovation Des Plaines project, is keeping the layout of the room, or house the same, without changing its function, but repairing and updating it, including things like painting, new floors, replacing counters and cabinets and changing fixtures like lights and handles. If you renovate your bathroom, you may give it a new touch of paint, maybe new fixtures and fittings, but the room itself is still a bathroom and still has the same structure. Home renovations are smaller projects and are easier on the pocket compared to home remodels, mainly because the work is more simple and there is no construction involved.

Home remodels, the structure changes and sometimes the function
During a home remodeling Des Plaines project, the structure and function of a room is changed. It is often a bigger job in comparison to renovation and involves construction and changing the layout of the space. It may involve taking out a wall, or adding an extension. It is a more expensive project, because remodel contractors Des Plaines are not just making surface changes but in actual fact altering the actual structure. They will be altering walls, plumbing, electrical wiring and other things. For example, if you hire home remodel contractors Des Plaines to remodel your kitchen and add an extension, you are physically changing the structure of the room, knocking down walls and adding new ones, changing or adding plumbing and wiring. Your new kitchen will not be the same as the original kitchen.