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Consider These Factors When Planning a Bathroom Remodeling Project Before The Spring Season

Winter is the best season to do a bathroom remodel Mount Prospect since it’s the coldest time of year. Now is the right moment to implement all of your home improvement suggestions. If no planning is done or you don’t have access to skilled remodeling contractors Mount Prospect, performing bathroom remodeling may be challenging. If you want your bathroom renovation Mount Prospect to turn out precisely as you imagined it would, get an expert to help you. We’ll go over some things to bear in mind if you decide to renovate your bathroom this winter.
Utilize Effective Lighting
Because of the bathroom fixtures you choose, you may lower your utility costs. The amount of energy and water used by the home might be greatly reduced by choosing water and energy-efficient bathroom fixtures. If you don’t already have one, you might, for example, install a dual-flush toilet. Long-term cost savings may be possible with shower fixtures that include digital features like temperature displays.
The Bathroom Should No Longer Have Fragile Tiles.
Bathrooms have higher humidity and moisture levels than other rooms, which may cause the flooring to age significantly more rapidly. Starting a wintertime restoration job on the bathroom floor could be a great idea. A more eye-catching flooring option with a distinctive texture or pattern is something to think about.
Enhance the way things function
Renovating your bathroom shouldn’t be limited to only aesthetic changes. Examine the area’s potential for improvement. If you want additional space in the bathroom, it’s a good idea to build deeper custom cabinets behind the sink and countertop. In order to properly organize your toiletries, decorate the wall above the toilet with shelves. If there’s space, you may want to put a second sink in your bathroom.
Visit The Page For Unique Wall Moldings.
One choice for people who want to make a pronouncement in the restroom is a dramatic wall treatment. The bathroom walls may be made to suit your preferences. There are many different ways you may improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. Mirrors are another excellent choice if you want to give the appearance of a much larger space. Making a bathroom wall the center of attention is a possibility in a myriad of ways.
Layouts for Reasonably Practical Bathrooms
Think about how you may enjoy and benefit from your restroom visits more. To make your bathroom more accessible, consider installing a comfort-height toilet. You may include a walk-in shower to accommodate your household’s needs. Utilize what you like and what you can afford while looking online for bathroom remodeling Mount Prospect ideas. Adapt your adjustments to the particulars of the region you’re working with, and keep in mind. Engaging reputable bathroom remodeling contractors Mount Prospect to help you accomplish this job before spring comes is a wonderful option, and KOS Home Improvement can do it the right way.
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What You Should Remember When Preparing For Basement Renovation Mount Prospect

Creating a more livable and comfortable place in your basement is a worthwhile endeavor at any time. Many homeowners are choosing to invest in basement renovations because they know it will improve their quality of life and raise their home’s resale value. There’s also the convenience of having more room for your loved ones to stay.

What Type Of Basement Do I Possess?
When doing a basement remodeling Mount Prospect, the measures taken by professionals are conditional on the sort of basement you already have. Mount Prospect basements often take the form of either a walkout, normal, or garden level.

Basements with walkouts, often called English basements, may be built either below ground level or above ground level. There is usually a door leading out to the yard or patio at the front or rear of the home.
The typical basement adds a few feet to the height of the home over the yard and is reached by stairs installed on the main level.

Garden basements are located at ground level or slightly below. They may or may not have any kind of window, no matter how big or little.

How Do Various Variables Impact ROI?
Companies in Mount Prospect like KOS Home Improvement may do basement finishing to improve the value of your home. This depends on a number of criteria, the most important of which are the location and condition of the real estate market. As an example, a basement with open space is preferable to one with multiple separate rooms.

Preventative measures against Radon should also be considered. Successfully completing a basement in Mount Prospect requires a radon mitigation strategy. Radon testing is an investment worth making regardless of the season or building’s layout.

The addition of a bedroom and bathroom to a basement almost always increases the value of the property. Adding value to your house by transforming the basement into a liveable room might increase the likelihood of a sale. Experts in basement finishing Mount Prospect from our company advise using materials like wall panels, floor tiles, and ceiling tiles to make the space more substantial and water-resistant, which in turn will boost the return on investment.

Homeowners may rest assured knowing that the reputable basement contractors Mount Prospect they choose will see to it that the work they do follows all applicable regulations and permits. The return on investment (ROI) of your restoration project will increase dramatically if you take this precautionary measure and adhere to the industry’s safety regulations.

Where To Look For Reliable Basement Contractors Mount Prospect?
We know just what you need to achieve that secure basement of your dreams. Whether or not you intend to sell your home, our custom-built basements are sure to boost its market value. We provide the finest basement refinishing available because of the superior quality of our materials and the skill with which we handle each project.

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Basement Remodeling Vs. Basement Finishing: What’s The Difference Between Them?

If you’re in the market to upgrade your house’s basement, you’ve certainly heard the words “basement finishing” and “basement renovation” bandied around. Also, if you aren’t well-versed on the topic, you could be wondering, “Is there really a difference between them?”

Is There a Big Distinction Between Basement Remodeling and Basement Finishing?

Basement finishing Mount Prospect is the process of transforming an unfinished basement into a habitable area, whereas basement remodeling Mount Prospect refers to the structural repairs that usually precede it.

Basically, the answer is “YES,” there is a distinction between completing and performing basement remodeling Mount Prospect. Usually, basement finishing Mount Prospect is preceded by a basement remodel, which includes the preparatory work required to make structural, layout, and functional changes to the space. On the other hand, when people talk about completing a basement, they usually mean the latter stage of that renovation, which is turning the area into a liveable basement.

Remodeling and basement finishing often have overlapping definitions. The square footage of a property includes the completed basement usually. The basement is not considered “completed” until it is wired, plumbed, and floored as if it were a regular room in the house. Renovating a basement entails the greater duties associated with that project, such as tearing down walls and rebuilding them in a more practical layout. Choosing to perform basement refinishing Mount Prospect means you will be updating all of the basement’s features. This may include dividing it up into various rooms with different functions or even creating whole new living quarters complete with their own kitchen and bathroom.

Would Basement Finishing Be Better?

With basement finishing Mount Prospect, you can basically work with any existing structural alterations, making it a speedier and more effective alternative if your basement has already been rebuilt and transformed into a functioning living area. Putting up drywall, wiring, plumbing, and flooring are all necessary steps in finishing a basement.

Get in Touch with Experts Basement Remodeling Contractors Mount Prospect

If you have any concerns regarding basement finishing or remodeling, it is recommended to consult expert remodeling contractors Mount Prospect. Get in touch with KOS Home Improvements right now!

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How To Increase The Value Of Your Home According To Remodeling Contractors Mount Prospect


Do you have any plans to sell your house? Keep in mind that there are many strategies to increase its worth and attract more purchasers. You might sell your home more quickly and for more money, if you made certain changes that are significantly superior to the others. Here is some advice from remodeling contractors Mount Prospect on how to raise the market value of your home:

Upgrade Your Bathroom And Kitchen
The kitchen and bathroom would be the main areas of concentration for first-time homeowners. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling is a great approach to favorably influence prospective buyers according to KOS Home Improvement. You may choose to go for a comprehensive remodel by adding new flooring and even changing the room’s layout, or you can keep it basic by repurposing outdated equipment and swapping toilets and faucets. So, the most popular home improvement projects in Mount Prospect continue to be a renovation of the bathroom and kitchen.

Change the outdated windows
This is a priceless asset for your house. It enhances the appearance of your home. Additionally, with the right treatments, you may lower the noise that enters your home and save energy costs. You may give the home extra room and light by installing French doors that go out to the rear. Your windows should be correctly positioned so that they highlight a lovely view and block off unpleasant areas.

Have fresh paint
A home wouldn’t look good if the walls had mold, bubbled paint, or cracks. Your home’s look would be significantly enhanced by painting. Additionally, it would protect it against deterioration and other factors at the same time. A 10-year guarantee is offered with a weatherproof exterior wall coating, which is another option. Your house would gain in worth as a result.

Try to stick with neutral hues when choosing wall colors. You could like bright orange or deep crimson, but not everyone does. Don’t make it difficult for potential purchasers to see themselves in your position.

Make more room
You may increase your sales earnings by adding extra rooms. This does not imply that you must build all new rooms on your land. Instead, you might utilize an unfinished attic or have a basement finishing Mount Prospect done. Even a connected garage might be converted into a fantastic living area with the right modifications.

Don’t forget the fundamentals
Prior to making any significant basement remodeling Mount Prospect investments, be sure to take care of any necessary maintenance concerns. Some of the fundamental tasks that are essential to a successful home sale include insulating your property, repairing leaking roofs and plumbing, replacing rusting appliances, and weeding the flowerbeds.

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Perfect Ideas For Your Basement According To Remodeling Contractors

According to KOS Home Improvement, one of the recommendations made by modern house renovators is basement renovation Mount Prospect. You’ll be astonished to learn how a room that is largely used to keep your belongings and necessities may be turned into something useful. Here are 5 excellent suggestions from basement remodeling contractors Mount Prospect.

Games Area:
A gaming room is one of the best basement remodeling Mount Prospect ideas. The more peaceful basement is a good place to play ping pong, pool, or do other indoor activities. Your family and friends may get together in a games area to spend some quality time together.

Audiovisual Room:
What better place to create a gathering area than the basement? Remodel your basement to provide the ideal entertaining space filled with cutting-edge audiovisual equipment. The basement is the perfect location if you and your friends need a lot of space to play golf or have a dance party with Kinect on your Xbox.

Spa & Gym
It is almost difficult to construct a gym facility in an existing house that has all of the necessary facilities, such as heat, power, and water, in one location. However, if you have a basement, building a full-fledged gym is simple.

Office at home:
Today’s businesses are becoming more digital, therefore it is best to work in a place that is calm and free of distractions. You may create a home office with a reception area if your basement has an entrance. In remodeled basements, experts like engineers, hair stylists, and chiropractors operate their practices. With appropriate illumination, the entryway will seem polished.

Of course, basements are mostly used for storage. During the restoration process, you might learn and use new methods to preserve your clothes or other belongings secure and undamaged. Have everything in a spotless, mold-free location, including your sports equipment and winter clothing.

Most diseases and health issues have their roots in neglected basements. Get ready to change your basement into a space where you can either start your own small company or binge watch your favorite sitcoms with friends and relatives by getting in touch with a qualified basement remodeling contractor Mount Prospect.